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Miranda's Transfur.com Gallery: Save Images Now!


If you wanted to save any of my images from transfur.com, do so now.

I'll be removing quite a bit of content and relocating it to my own site (no it will not cost money) in a gallery page.

I'm doing this because I'm tired of taking the time to submit a picture, only for it to be removed immediately - because I'm a sellout or a bad person, or disliked, or whatever the reason.

I'm not outside the AUP or the TOS, so I'm just fed up and I don't really care for it anymore.

So save images now. I'd say my goodbyes but I'm not terribly active on the site anymore anyway.

Images will be saved and moved over in the next few days, so don't wait.




#1 Do it!Destrier 2011-11-18 00:19
Dear Mir-chan,
Don't blame you in the slightest: I went through the same experience with TransFur a couple of years ago. The moderators are biased and seem to play definite favourites.
All the best,
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