About Me

Hey there! My name is Miranda; I go by the nicknames of Mir, Mir L, or better yet Mirelle! I draw lots of stuff for the entertainment of others and sometimes myself, such as comics, pin ups, and sequential artwork. Usually my stuff’s adult, as it tends to pay the bills better than not. I’m pretty laid back, in my early 30’s, and have been doing this artwork and commission stuff for almost 20 years now!

My art here is generally manga/anime/american cartoon style. I also do professional art, but feel that my online persona is better detached from my real life work. I’m comfortable working digitally or with any paint or real media I get my hands on.

I have lots of pet rats and my boyfriend puts up with all of us. My life tends to be really crazy. I have a few degrees in art and computer science/web stuff, so I’m pretty technically capable if I do say so myself.

Have fun on my site, behave (sort of), and feel free to throw money at me – any time! Thanks =D

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