Taking pinups and comic offers….

Hey all,

So I’m terrified of existing at this moment in time, as I’m still negative 1k, my bank accounts continue to be overdrawn and fee-ing me up the ass, and I’m at my wits end with anxiety. I honestly thought about killing myself the past few weeks simply because the stress has been too much to handle.

I’m open to taking 50$ ink pinups during streams tonight and tomorrow.

I’m also taking offers on “taking over” the 17 page comic for a discounted price. You’d replace the characters with your own and I can change the pages to suit your wants. It’s a growth/giantess and shrinking comic where one character is a tiny space alien, and the other is a scientist in a lab. The scientist part can be replaced with anything and any outfit. The alien can be whatever – as they crash their tiny ship into the person’s home/workplace through a window. If you like micro/macro, smashed up buildings, feet, etc – this comic is for you. I can send all the thumbnail sketches to any interested parties.


See my stream here: http://www.picarto.tv/smokingpen
Email me here: smokingpendotcom[at]gmail.com

I view emails on weekends when I’m available since all my waking hours during the week are spent teaching

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