I am okay – Just playing catch up with life

Hey all. I haven’t posted anything anywhere since beginning of January this year. I’m SO sorry – I know I worried quite a lot of you. As I’m a teacher, this year has been insane at best. As a full time graduate student AND a teacher – it’s been more than insane. Oh, and you know – the Corona pandemic didn’t help. So I taught from home and had to be available nonstop, and worked pretty much 16 hour days around my grad classes. I had to even take an incomplete and I’m still working on that class this summer.

SO… Yeah. I’ve been home pretty much since March when the schools were shut down. I leave sometimes for groceries, mask at all times out in public, and wash hands constantly!

The GOOD news is I’ve been getting to do more art on my ipad that I bought used a while back and never really touched. I’ve also lost a considerable amount of weight in the past few years, almost 80 lbs. I’m working on being my healthiest. It’s helped enormously with the pain.

I also have recently worked more on my Pocket Girls Sword & Shield portfolio! I’m hoping to add a few more girls before I add it to the shop.

Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask, and I hope we all can be as healthy as possible.

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