And then my Mom died

I’m not doing so good. My mom died at the beginning of the month. I guess I’m an orphan now without any immediate family left. My family didn’t even say they were sorry for my loss, not a message of support, nothing. My friends helped me pay for her cremation. I didn’t hand in my thesis on time so my graduation is delayed and I have to pay another few thousand to finish like 3 pages of work. I’m a wreck. Work is insane. Covid is rampant in the schools here and I’m afraid that even with 3 shots I’m super at risk.

If you want to donate or buy things from the shop, it’s appreciated but not required. I’m drowning and trying to keep myself afloat. Fuck.

I miss you all. I miss drawing your crazy shit … I miss so much.

Thanks for reading. Be safe.

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