I currently take “art slot” commissions.

Here’s how they work:

You commission a certain number of hours of work, then give me your idea/description/references. This is a great way to get a ton of artwork done for much less money than similar artists, as I’m very fast (thus the nickname “Smoking Pen”). I give you an idea of how much artwork I can complete in that allotted time (examples such as a color pin up, 4 inked comic book pages, 10 sequential sketches, one turn around model sheet with 3 poses, etc). We then schedule a time that I can video stream your artwork. You have complete control and get to watch it get made, from start to finish! You can buy additional time if you want more detail, color, etc.

2 Hours of Art: 100$

4 Hours of Art: 200$

I am still working on older commissions that are long overdue, so I’m not taking ‘regular’ commissions.

Contact me if you’re interested in getting an Art Slot! They’re first come, first served, and often auctioned off when I don’t have much time to take on multiple people’s slots.