Updates on Life: Grad School, no money to move, health

So I went to a lot of doctor’s appointments lately, and school, and so on. I start graduate school tomorrow for Art Education; its a post-Bac program to upgrade my teaching license, that then rolls over into the Master’s program. It’s a shit-ton of credits (and money!), which is equal to approximately a Masters PLUS or a PHD Light lol.

My doctor, as with the ER doctors, was more concerned with my allergic reaction than the seizures. I have no idea why no one seems to take them seriously, or seem really concerned… I am, but I guess I’m just the odd duck out. I was given some new medication as a prescription to help keep the allergies at bay. She believes it’s likely the leaking wet split open ceiling in the kitchen and back half the apartment that triggered my allergic reaction. Also my cough is back, but she knows my pnuemonia is gone… so it’s likely I’m inhaling some mold spores or something horrible from the ceiling. So I’m supposed to try to relax/rest/use my inhaler/take the pills/stay hydrated/drink milk/try not to overtax myself or be stressed. LOL Regardless, have to pack, make money, scrub this hellhole, move, start school, etc etc… So fat chance I can ‘just relax’.

I didn’t mention my mom’s been in and out of the hospital lately, first for some scary shit, and then for a suicide watch. She wasn’t suicidal so much as at her wit’s end and really wasn’t supposed to freak out and start bitching to the ambulance when she had a fall a few weeks ago. So I’ve had her charming antics in the background…

Today we spoke with the local state/city aid for people like us, struggling, on food-stamps, etc – about getting help for moving costs and first month’s rent/security deposit. They said they can’t help us until we’re evicted, homeless, and/or living in a shelter. Good to know. I guess we might have something to look forward to? Ugh.

My arthritis has been flared up the past few days, not sure if its because of the weather (wet and humid and weird) or because of the allergic reaction just pissed off my whole body.

I’m still waiting for my official acceptance into the Graduate program, since I applied the day of their deadline. Once that’s processed, I’ll just be waiting for financial aid (loans only) so I can pay for the tuition. Maybe I’ll have a little left over to put toward bills/rent, but math says I won’t get more than about 2k and likely not until end of Oct. I already asked financial aid when their disbursement date was – end of Oct at the earliest. So that’s too late to help us move. Blech.

I used my last 99$ to buy my school books at the school store today. Figures I’m broke and the books are the least I’ve EVER spent on school books in 13+ years, and I still can’t afford them. *eye roll*

All said and done, I’m doing a little better today than the past few days, but my legs are being shitty, my sleep is shitty, and my brain still feels a little…. foggy. I’m struggling to find words at times, but nothing that leads me to believe I’ve had like, brain damage lol. I think it’s primarily just overtiredness and running around like a chicken without a head trying to get life on track.

I’m still very much taking commissions, as I’m currently super fucked financially. Feel free to get comics commissions ! =P

If somehow we end up somewhere okayish/not on fire or leaking fetid water, then I should finish the Post-Bach program by end of Spring semester and be able to get a full-time teaching job with my new fancy upgraded permanent license. Then I’ll be working on my Master’s part-time after school. We’ll worry about the student loans after I get work. So I’m as optimistic as I can be ^^().

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