Shop Updates & Gift Certificate/Wallet Balances

Hi all! So I’ve been sick lately and had a comcast outage (thanks comcast…) BUT that doesn’t stop me from trying to get back to business and help everyone get the best out of my shop!

Here’s some of the things I’m working on for the shop:

  1. Continue adding older content (2009- current) manually… It takes a long time but it’s obviously worth it! Over 200 items! ACK!
  2. Buy plugins for the shop that enable Gift Certificates/Wallet Balances…. MEANING everyone who had a balance on an old gift certificate will have their money loaded up in a ‘Wallet’ and can use it any time they log into the shop!
  3. Enter and activate Gift Certificate/ Wallet Balances! WOO! It’s another manual data entry project for me to do and it’s a LOT of people from around the world….
  4. Figure out how to send a mass email privately to hundreds of people, alerting them to their newly restored Wallet balances. Probably will do this via MailChimp.

Obviously I’ll also be adding new shop content too! Thanks for sticking around all…. I’m hoping things will look up soon (as BF has his trial in January, so we can expect likely to have him get his disability payments and backpay starting Feb/March)!


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