Science Log Commissions Available – School ending

Available for commissions.
Available for commissions.

I’m almost done with school for the semester – just one big final project due on Monday. Last week I finished a 329 page book for one class… no, I didn’t read it – I wrote most of it and formatted the whole book, printed it, and designed the cover as well. Fun times.

So as for the new commission type – they’re going to be called “Science Logs”. They’re sequential pages of TF with writing and ‘sticky notes’ of observations of the “test subject”. Very fun and a nice break from regular sequences, but not as pricey as comics.

[b]Science Log Commissions:[/b]

80$ per page, contains text and two images inked (close ups, full body, bust, etc.) of transformation sequence.

I’ll be streaming shortly. Come hang out!

You can email me for a commission here:

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