Rent & Internet due, Emergency commissions, Shop update!

Hey all,

So I’m still struggling, but only this month and next left before I will see steady paychecks and stability for the first time in a long long time. Currently, rent is due ($850), internet is being shut off tomorrow ($150ish), dog needs food ($55), phone needs to be paid ($189), car insurance ($120) etc. etc. It’s a struggle and I’m trying to pull in enough money to clear these hurdles that feel insurmountable. I’ve just gotta make it through two more months…!

Shop update: I just updated the shop with a new comic and new sequence. Also I’ll be adding a new Pocket Girls: Sun & Moon TF Ink portfolio tonight as well! See if there’s anything there that you’d like to buy, anything helps.

Commissions are available at this time until mid September, then I’ll be closed for the forseeable future as I get used to my new job and juggle it with grad school classes at night.

Please grab a commission now, even little ones adds up!

I also accept donations and I’m always thankful and appreciative for the support and help. You can email or paypal me at

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