No Dog, No Money, Depression & Anxiety… Update

So the puppy had to be returned because she had massive anxiety issues, which then set off my boyfriends anxiety and he’d have full on anxiety attacks for 2 days straight. We slept in 2 hours shifts and watched her at all times – as she would violently throw herself against furniture and howl and bark and scream if anyone even walked a few feet away from her. It was a terrible and exhausting experience, broke our hearts, and we’re honestly fucked up from it…

Continuing on that note, we returned her to the rescue (who insisted she had no separation anxiety and knew we needed her for a disabled person as a service animal for fucks sake)… and they said they’d return our money.

Now it’s been a week – they lost the money order (I wanted to pay with cash or a check, but they preferred a money order… and I never assumed I’d have to return the dog…) We have no way to recover our money….

Boyfriend is a mess, I’m more depressed than ever… struggling to keep my brain in my head and get shit done. I’m SO sorry for being such a fucking dumbass… for thinking we could adopt a dog and it would just work out.. that people would be truthful… but both of her fosters lied to us…. and I’m just crushed.

I returned the puppy with all her supplies and toys, her food as a donation, and accessories… I was just too heart broken to fucking handle keeping that stuff around – her elephant and her chew toys…

Today I went to the local shelters to talk to them, to see if they had any older dogs that would fit us better…. I filled out applications, but we still need our fucking dog money back to get a dog anyway. Boyfriend is very against the idea now of a dog, because the puppy fiasco…

So here I am, doing the best I can. I’m sorry I haven’t been very responsive with emails and such lately. I’m sleep deprived and just a wreck. I miss our stupid puppy…. even if she was mental, she was ours… I’m angry with the rescue, I’m angry they lost our money and are just like ‘oh well’…. and I’m just deflated.

I’m sorry I never have good news for you guys….

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