LIMITED AVAILABLE: 5 Page Ink Sequence!

So I’m hoping to come up with something great for the shop for the end of the week, but I’d like to offer a limited number of 5 page TF/TG/Whatever sequences! Money goes toward my rent and overdue bills from the move.

100$ : Single Character, 5 pages, no bg (unless I add one just because), G-XXX rated, no complex clothes, no extra limbs/wings/etc unless extra free. I can set up a stream time if you need to see the art sketched and/or inked. If you’re a regular or long time fan, usually you know what I come up with so there’s not really any surprises.

I’ll open to 6 spots, first come first served. I’m hoping to open to different items at the end of the week (likely one 5pg comic)

5pg Ink Sequence SPOTS:

1) Available
2) Available
3) Available
4) Available
5) Available
6) Available

Should you want something more complex, longer, or more characters – let me know and we’ll figure something out!

Email me at for your spot with “Ink Seq Spot” as your subject to help sort spam. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving and/or fall/winter harvest !

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