Life updates

So life is hard, sometimes its only a little hard and sometimes its basically impossible. Currently its very close to impossible. I’m nonstop running or hobbling around in pain. I’ve got a back pain issue that I’m seeing my doctor about on Wednesday. It’s been over a month of searing shooting pain in my lower back and hip. My knees are back to their good old hot fireballs of arthritis inflammation and grinding bones, so I made an emergency steroid injection appointment, first was for right knee and was on Friday, next is my left knee on Thursday. I’m just keeping up with schoolwork, school placements, observations, paperwork for teaching, writing lessons and curriculum, leading a required student study group, museum visits, placement interviews, meetings, etc.

I can’t afford food, rent, bills, and the car belt i replaced 6 months ago (600$ bc the engine needed to be lifted) just exploded so now I need hundreds to replace it if not the whole engine. It’s getting towed tomorrow.

I’m sorry that I can’t keep up with art and commissions and emails but I’m trying. I’m holding on to my future and present with a thread.

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