Hoping to see a Medical Marijuana Doctor for help with pain….

Hey all,

Some of you know that I had to take opiates for a little over a year for my arthritis and chronic pain. I’m not willing to take them again as I became tolerant and my body was reliant on them – the withdrawls were horrible and the side effects sucked.

So, while I’m in a state that has legalized (sorta) marijuana and medical marijuana, I’m not able to get my doctors to recommend it – they just don’t want to certify with the state, and I don’t blame them for not wanting to deal with shit for a single patient. I need to see a “medical marijuana physician” which basically costs hundreds of dollars ($200+) to make an appointment for a consultation. It feels very snake oil, but it’s the only way to go…. It’s how the state system works – the medical grade marijuana products are off-limits from people without money and a marijuana card. Insurance doesn’t pay for visits with these doctors… and I don’t have money to throw at them.

I’m in agonizing pain more often than not, usually based on weather… Hoping to make an appointment as soon as possible so I can get some CBD oil – I have no interest in smoking.

So if any of you want to donate or buy commissions I definitely appreciate the help! You can donate via paypal or email at smokingpendotcom@gmail.com .

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