Emergency Commissions

Hey all – still hurt. Had to postpone my start date for student teaching until next week or beyond because my ankle is still all screwed up. Hopefully a few more days in a brace and it’ll be better…

Rent is due and I’m short by all of it – so I’m looking to take commissions!


100$ per page.
5 page comic (inks) – 500$

Science Log Sequence:

80$ per page (inks). Science Log’s are two panels per page, one large (full body or midshot) and one medium (midshot or close up), and supporting text written by a ‘scientist/doctor’ on the subject. Can include ‘sticky note’, an image of a sticky note with handwriting on it. You can provide the text or I can write it for you. A great alternative to comics for less!


100$ for 5 pages (inks).


65$ per inked full-body pinup.

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