Emergency commissions: rent due!

Looking to take a few emergency commissions. My rent is due Sunday! I work for the next 2 weeks full-time, but dont get paid until mid July! Help me pay rent, eat food, and put gas in my car for these 2 weeks of non-stop commuting to work!

Immediate art hours available for Saturday and Sunday! Bring your ideas!

Comic special: 5 ink pages for 350$ (save 150$) or 10 pages for 700$ (save 300$!)

Regular commissions available:

Two hours of streamed art: $100

Sequences, single character ink, 5 pages: $100

Color pinup, one character, digital full color: $125

You grab your commission slot by emailing me at smokingpendotcom[at]gmail.com and if you want to donate via paypal for my birthday, same email. Thanks!

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