Emergency Commissions – Rent and Bills!

Hey all, been a shitty week and a half because we’ve pretty much had non-stop rain, so my arthritis has been extra awful…. hard to get out of bed when you’re in so much pain you just wish someone would shoot you, preferably in the legs.

I forgot February is short and shitty – so I’m in a desperate need for commissions and funds to pay rent. I’m currently negative money in my bank account and need to earn rent and my car payment at a minimum.

Here’s the commissions available:

HOURLY ART STREAM– Schedule for any night of the week or weekend! Just let me know your schedule as I have classes at night and during the day.

2 hours is 100$
4 hours is 200$

COMICS – 100$ per b/w inked page

5 pages is 500$ and so on.


5 page inked sequence is 100$


Single character, solid color background, Flat colors – $50
Single character, basic background, CG airbrush colors – 75$
Single character, background with some detail, digital paint or full CG colors – 100$


Single character bust (chest up), no background, flat colors – 35$

Email your interest/spot and payments sent to smokingpendotcom[at]gmail.com – thanks!

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