Hey all,

So bad news first: I didn’t get a teaching position, though one I was given the assumption I’d have last week – I didn’t get due to their decision to not ‘deal with’ the added paperwork….

Good news: I’m applying last minute to a Master’s degree in Art Ed. and Post Bachelor’s Teaching License program, which I’d need to take/get/finish to be a FULLY permanently licensed teacher (State requirements) ANYWAY. I’ve had a ton of meetings, submitted all my test scores, documents, etc. I’d start next week if I’m accepted – and it’s at my Undergrad college so I know my way, the professors, etc. It’s not the cheapest option (there’s 4 in the state, they’re cheapISH) but very fast and works with me to make sure I get job placement by the end of the Post Bach program. Basically I’ll be full-time for a year, then part time after I get a job and finish my Master’s.

My pneumonia is pretty much cleared up, though sometimes I still cough a little but I think at this point it’s just irritation from dust/allergies/ from packing. I’m doing the best I can to sell off furniture, get rid of junk, pack, clean, etc.

THE EMERGENCY: I need to earn a bunch of money ASAP so I can put it down for an apartment, as we’re being kicked out Oct 1st. (Landlord’s sold apt, no one gets to stay). We also need moving men, pay bills, etc. I’m looking at around 3000$ required for just the moving men + rent, security deposit, etc. We HAVE to make this happen!


I’ll be streaming pretty much nonstop every day/night until we have to move. I’m not sure of my class schedule until I’m officially accepted, but plan on evenings I’ll be here. I’m also selling original artwork!

Pin Ups:

A) Ink Single Character Pin Up – 25$!!!

B) Single Character Design & Flat Colors – 50$! Get a character that’s in your head visualized!

C) Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Single Character (CG Digital Color Pinup or Watercolor/marker) – 125$!!! Basically pick two pinup or character ideas, and let’s rock!


A) B/W Ink pages: 5 Pages for 425$ SAVE 75$! SUPER LIMITED!!!


A) 5 pages of b/w single character sequence pinups for 100$!

B) 3 pages of b/w single character sequence pinups for 75$!

Hourly Custom Art Stream:

A) Buy 2 hours for 100$

B)4 hours for 200$

Schedule your time with me!

Email and payment via paypal to smokingpendotcom@gmail.com =)

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