Donations/Art Stream Commissions to keep electric/gas on!

I hate doing donation/fundraiser stuff when I have other things to do, but I owe over 2k$ on overdue heat(gas) & electric and our shutoff date was today. I sought out heating assistance this winter but because I’m self employed, they need my taxes and IRS tax transcript and a bunch of other bullshit – stuff that takes time. I filed an extension and I’m still getting my paperwork in the mail, but in the meantime my heat/electric is still due to be shut off. The power company doesn’t give a shit, won’t accept ‘small’ payments other than large lump sums… and I have 17$ and change to my name.

SO… yes I’m looking for immediate help – I’ll be streaming watercolor and ink drawings for your dollars and hoping you spread the word. I’ll do this everyday until either they shut off my electricity or I manage to pay them off enough that they don’t. Sigh.

Donations of 50$ – Watercolor painting & ink:
1) Any animal headshot, whether your pet, a wild animal, etc. (realistic)
2) Anime pinup of person or furry in basic clothes (or nude).
3) Semi-realistic or cartoony portrait of any real person (Celebrity, friend, etc)
4) Convention badge or portrait of your character, OC. etc.

Donations of 100$ – TWO Watercolor paintings above OR:
1) One detailed character pinup. G-XXX
2) One detailed animal full body. (realistic)

Bigger donations and we can figure something out.

Thanks for your help all, fingers crossed… !

I’m streaming at the usual location – click on the menu for the video stream!

Shipping: 7$ US, International see me for rates.

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