Didn’t get my final paycheck, so Emergency Commissions Available!

So I wasn’t paid on friday for my final paycheck… which is a problem, since rent was due yesterday. Now I have to play catch-up. I might be paid this upcoming Friday, as payroll says they fixed the problem (the clerk never submitted my hours). SO, I’m taking emergency commissions and art slots until I get this taken care of…

First come first served, see below for availability. Ask if there’s something you’d like that isn’t available or isn’t listed. I can also create physical paintings (watercolor, acrylic, oil, etc.) and drawings of pretty much anything and mail them anywhere in the world, so feel free to ask about those.

ART SLOTS (Streaming Artwork Live):

Get 2 hours of almost anything for only 100$ Only 3 available.
Get 4 hours for 200$ Only 1 left available.


Get a 5 page sequence for 125$ Only 3 available


Get a 5 page inked comic for only 500$ Just 1 left!


Single character inked pinup for only 50$. Only 2 available.


Single character inked and digitally colored bust (head, neck, and shoulders/chest) is 75$. Just 1 left.

You can email me and send payments to smokingpendotcom[at]gmail.com

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