Create a Pocket Girls TF Portfolio – Choose your own Pokemon!

Hey all! I haven’t done a Pocket Girls pokemon TF series in a while! Tonight we’re changing that – I’ll be streaming live sketches and inking of a new Pocket Girls portfolio and YOU can pick the pokemon and type of girl to change for only 25$!

Here’s what I need your help with!

Send 25$ for your pocket girl page:
CHOOSE YOUR POKEMON – decide what pokemon you want to transform a poor unsuspecting girl into (Any pokemon in the entire series!)
Features – What kind of girl do I draw? Is she chubby? Is she nerdy with glasses? Short hair, long hair? Muscular?
Clothes – What clothes did she have on? Prepare them to be shredded!
Adult Content – How adult do you want your pocketgirl’s TF to be? Just a little skin, a lot of skin, or adult situations?

I’m starting up the new portfolio and stream NOW! Slots for pages are first come first served!

Paypal your payment and chosen pokemon to smokingpendotcom[at] =)

See you at the stream!

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