Mega Milky Cowgirls – Ink Portfolio

A giant sequence and ink portfolio, featuring the lovely lady Shira and the intersex (herm/futa) lady Eve. They both turn into cowgirls with multi-breasts and lots of milk, tearing out of their clothes, and getting hot and heavy! Shira grows an udder, which becomes quite large and over-full. Eve’s male genitals and body grow massively, all hulking muscles, and she’s at Shira’s mercy! After some fun sexy times and size play, Shira swells with pregnancy. Enjoy a variety of before and after images as well as the main sequence. Includes lots of fluids and milk. Very adult and sexy, messy, and crazy fun. Get your cowgirls on!

This is the biggest portfolio to date – 28 pages!!!

Enjoy the before & after previews below:

MegaCowgirls_beforeafter1 MegaCowgirls_beforeafter2