Okay I seriously have 79 pages of content to update my shop with… whoops! I didn’t mean to horde it… I just haven’t set aside time to just sit and type up all the summaries and get the files uploaded, update my site, etc. It takes hours! It’s exhausting! I really need to do that, I’ll try to get it done tomorrow. Promise!


I’m taking a few commissions! I’ll likely not open again for possibly a few months, so summertime.

100$ – 5 page inked single character sequence. TF, TG, BE, almost whatever goes as long as it’s characters over 18 for adult content.

100$ – 2 hours of art stream, almost anything goes! Schedule your own personal art session, private or public!

500$ – 5 page inked comic of XXX – G rated content.

If you have other ideas for commissions or want one of the above, email me at with the subject: “January Commission” ! Thanks and I’m streaming now!!!

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